Hire of the auditorium includes use of the foyer. Set in traverse with 2 seating banks either side of the stage, with three possible configurations, the auditorium is a unique space ideal for:


Performances & showcases



Fashion shows

CAPACITY Seated only

994 (in traverse using full auditorium) 497 (end on seating using one seating bank)

TECH SPEC As standard our auditorium provides:



Open white wash (full stage coverage / localised coverage)

Break up wash (full stage coverage / localised coverage)

12 x MAC TW1

Full colour CMY

6 x ETC Revolutions

Operating desk



110 DB commercial PA system

18 D&B Y9 on Centre Truss

18 D&B E3 on Delays trusses 

4 D&B Q7 (surround system)

4 D&B Qsub

4  D&D B2

Digico SD10 24 in/ 12 AES outs / 8 analog outs Playback capabilities (laptop, ipod, cd)

BOH sound relay

2 x SM58WL Mics

5  x Wireless comms (2 channel + isolator)

5 x Wired cans (2 channel)

10 x Motorola comms (9 x channels) Cue light capabilities

3 x visual monitors


Please enquire about any additional tech requirements for your event